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DIY kit for 7U Eurorack Case • Eva

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DIY kit. The original case is made of 16mm plywood + veneer. And you will be able to buy it in a disassembled form and assemble it yourself - like a constructor (See the last photo).

Short video tutorial on how to assemble a Eurorack case → How To Assemble

This body can be positioned at different angles. If it stands with a wide side, then the angle of inclination of the modules will be about 15 degrees. If you stand on the thin side, then the angle of inclination is 75 degrees. You choose how to use it. By the way, you can order any size in width.

Unpowered. The hole for the power plug is made on request at no extra charge. A case power supply can be added upon request.

♦ 7U case. Can be oriented at a steep angle or a gentle angle.

♦ 80mm to 150mm depth clearance for modules

♦ Height: 180mm Depth: 360mm Width: Depends on HP

♦ 2 coats of polyurethane finish

Any customization is available.

Available in several colors and unpainted.

DIY kit included:

  • 2 cheeks;
  • 6 slats;
  • 6 rails with nuts (optional);
  • 36 screws;
  • 1 confirmation key;
  • 8 felt self-adhesive feets.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Eurorack Case production time 10-14 days

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