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1UT_u / Temps Utile 1U Intellijel format


Unique variant of Temps Utile for Intellijel 1U standart.



uT_u is at fisrt fully solved question about clock division/multiplication in your system. You can choose any of the presented algorithms for each of the 6 channels separately, while retaining the ability to individually divide / multiply the clock on each of them.

So the algorithms:

  • linear feedback shift register,
  • random output w / adjustable threshold,
  • euclidian trigger generator,
  • burst generator,
  • logic operations (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, XNOR, NOR),
  • basic trigger sequencer / editor,
  • DAC output (12 bit , channel # 4 only) with the following sub-algorithms: 5-bit sequencer, random output, LFSR / 'turing machine', logistic map, simple 16-step sequencer / arpeggiator.

Unlike the other versions of 1UT_u this one keeps CV-inputs and does not need external expanders. With accurately implemented 1,3 inch display, it dispenses without black magic to put the module on the rails.

Only original parts from autorized distributors and manufactures are used.

More details in the official manual

Module on Modular Grid

Panel design by Sylph Modular

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