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Shrouds / Veils 8hp

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Small hi-fi 4-channel VCA with uniqe handy features



Shrouds is my 8hp redesign of a glorious 4-channel VCA / mixer / overdrive by Mutable Instruments- Veils.

High-quality amplification (SSI2164 + OPA1679) provides a very clean signal path without any harshness or muddiness added.

Also, there is an option to change the character of the CV applied, adding to it some amount of exponentially (like slew-gates works). Moreover, the module can drive really low-volume signals when the channel lin/exp pot goes more exponential. But be careful with that, high levels can damage your ears or speakers, you know.

But also, going through some point of volume, the module starts to pleasantly overdrive your signal adding more textures to the sound. It can be very handy in such applications as bus saturation to add more glueness to incoming channels, or just to enrich some faded sounds.

Channels are daisy-chained: if you didn't pick up an output of channel 1 it'll be mixed with channel 2 output and so on.

30 mm depth, 8hp wide

More info can be found on the official Mutable Instruments website

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