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uMarbles / Pachinko

Controlled chaos, repeatable randomness



uMarbles is a module based on Jak Plugg’s redesign of Marbles (also known as Pachinko) opensource project. It is a complex digital module that makes it possible to create flexibly controlled generative patterns of melodies and rhythms. Moreover, any random sequence can be prepared, looped, and messed up again from order to chaos. External CV signals looping is also available.

A wide range of functions will help you set randomness of your need: different pitch scales, quantization, spread and biasing of played notes and distribution of signals into outputs. Dividing/multipliyng clock, choosing the range of outcoming CV, and far more...

You should better read the official manual or look at awesome tutorials, there you can find every aspect of this huge machine clearly explained.

Module is calibrated with high-precision multimeter with a resolution of 6000 samples. Made with original parts only.

Module on Modular Grid

Panel design by Sylph Modular

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