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Shutters / Blinds 8hp


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Check out the new available version Shutters V2

Shutters is a 8hp redesign of a luxurious 4-channel VCA / mixer / polarizer / ring modulator / fixed CV source - Blinds.

The original circuitry is completely preserved. Resistors with 0.1% tolerance and capacitors of the C0G class only are used in the input signal circuit (which you definitely won’t find in ordinary vca). This allows reducing distortions to a minimum.
When using the module as a VCA bleeding is completely absent. You can achieve it by manually adjusting each input to the desired 0 point. It also allows you to offset the signal while leaving it sounding even without applying the CV envelope. You can also offset it down by inverting the signal, therefore.
Attenuvertion of the input signal and CV is provided. Furthermore, if an audio signal is applied to the CV input the module combines it with the input signal of the corresponding section as a pure ring modulator.
If there is no signal applied to the input of the corresponding section the output acts as a + 5V CV source, which can also be modulated via CV input.

Moreover, as you can see from the panel of the module if the output signal is not taken from the corresponding section (no cable inserted) it is automatically mixed together with the output signal of the next following section. Thus, you can use the module as a mixer by taking the signal of all sections from the 4th output.

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