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uT_u / micro Temps Utile


Brand new high quality built uT_U with matte black panel. 6 outputs with the ability to assign a different algorithm to each of them separately.



uT_u is at fisrt fully solved question about clock division/multiplication in your system. You can choose any of the presented algorithms for each of the 6 channels separately, while retaining the ability to individually divide / multiply the clock on each of them.

So the algorithms:

  • linear feedback shift register,
  • random output w / adjustable threshold,
  • euclidian trigger generator,
  • burst generator,
  • logic operations (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, XNOR, NOR),
  • basic trigger sequencer / editor,
  • DAC output (12 bit , channel # 4 only) with the following sub-algorithms: 5-bit sequencer, random output, LFSR / 'turing machine', logistic map, simple 16-step sequencer / arpeggiator.

More details in the official manual.

Module on Modular Grid

Panel design by Sylph Modular.

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