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uBurst / Mutable Clouds 8hp

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Audio buffer acquisition

  • Stereo I/O. Even with a mono recording buffer, a wide stereo output can still be simulated by randomly panning grains or through the stereo reverberator.
  • Stereo pre-amp with a gain range covering modular and line levels.
  • Recording buffer size: 1s (32kHz, stereo) to 8s (16kHz, µ-law, mono).
  • The FREEZE button and the corresponding gate input freezes the content of the recording buffer, allowing you to dive into its sonic details.
  • 4 memory slots for storing and recalling buffers.

Granular synthesis

  • Grain generation time base: periodical, randomized, or externally clocked.
  • The POSITION knob selects from which part of the recording buffer the grains are extracted.
  • Grain size from 16ms to 1s.
  • Up to 40 to 60 concurrent grains (depending on recording buffer resolution).
  • Transposition from -2 octaves to +2 octaves, with V/O tracking.
  • Grain envelope continuously variable between boxcar, triangle and Hann functions.
  • CV inputs for all grain parameters, individually sampled and held by each grain. For stochastic, Xenakis-style explorations, try feeding random voltages to those!
  • Diffusion network with 4 All-pass filters to post process the granularized signals.

Post-processing (“blending”) settings

4 post-processing parameters are controlled by the BLEND knob and CV input:

  • Dry/wet balance.
  • Random panning amount.
  • Feedback amount.
  • Reverb amount.


  • Input impedances: 100k.
  • Audio input gain range: line level to modular level.
  • CV range: +/- 5V. CVs outside of this range are simply clipped.
  • Internal processing: 32kHz, 32-bit floating point. RAM Recording buffer uses 16-bit (high quality) or 8-bit µ-law (low quality) resolution.

    (Information is taken from an official Mutable Instruments website)

    This module on Modular Grid

    8 hp wide, 25mm depth



uBurst is an 8hp variant of the legendary FX module Clouds by Mutable Instruments. Granular synthesis, reverbs and delays in such a small package!

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